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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Oasis Calm -- Volume V

“The greatest test of courage is to bear defeat without losing heart.”

Dooku’s voice carried over everyone’s state of surprise, “You fools! She’s a JEDI!!”

In that moment existed a brief pause. The separatists’ minds raced to find a next move, Bonteri suddenly bewildered by the revelation that the woman next to him was far more than she put on, then Secura who’s mission was now reaffirmed by the evidence before her.

Bonteri’s voice broke the silence, “I’m placing you all under arrest until we..” his declaration unexpectedly interrupted! Rapid bursts of laser fire broke out! Blurs of red beamed through the door way. Without wasting a second, R4- G9 flipped open a compartment holding Aayla Secura’s weapon, her lightsaber. A click snapped, hurling the Jedi’s silver hilt toward her! In a sweeping motion, her reach through the force pulled the silver to her palm, igniting the blade on contact.

“NOW!” Commander Bly shouted! His hands reached forward to the commando droid taking aim at Secura’s back! Before his hands firmly grasped the cold metal of the foe, Bly summarily wrenched the droid’s head at a sharp upward, right angle. Smoke popped with sparks when its head disconnected cleanly.

His men moved quickly, but held nowhere near the prowess of their commanding officer. Each engaged an enemy, throwing their momentum to topple the droid and gain a new advantage. Their struggle intensified! Each pounded and pulled at metallic limbs, only to receive a reply of hasty, hard hitting jabs.

Cracks of armor were audible. Bly moved to aid his squad; improvising with an E-5 blaster clutched in a hand of his latest dispatched enemy. Taking aim, his trigger finger squeezed. One blaster bolt, then a second, and a third fired into different commando droids giving his troopers the sought after edge.

A loud clap reverberated against the wall! Bly’s waist twisted ‘round to find another trooper suspended against a wall; his neck tight within the vice grip of a battle droid! The commander’s left arm extended, aimed; and then fired a dart tailed by a cable. Within seconds, a flurry of electric current pulsed from his gauntlet down the line to the dome of the droid; overloading its cranial processors! The final droid dropped; his visual sensors smoldered. Each squad mate looked to their commander in awestruck silence, “Arm up troopers!” Bly’s helmet turned to the shinnie rubbing his bruised throat, “You have Captain Fordo to thank for that move…”

Aayla Secura made her way into the dimly lit room. Her blade glowed then flashed brilliantly with every laser bolt deflected. She could still make out the crackling hologram that seemed amused by the situation. Rash continued firing blindly and as quickly as possible. Gabrel Kindi searched for a case he had been compiling moments prior. “But what about our agreement Count?!?” Dooku’s low, steady voice was audible to all, “It depends how you manage to salvage this incident Rash.” The hologram cut, leaving the two conspirators in darkness to fend for themselves.

Their area brightened the closer Aalya’s blade drew. “Don’t you have a contingency plan for this sort of thing?!” Sweating palms made the blaster Rash held continue to slip; every shot less accurate than the previous. “I.. have this! Hmmm.. No this will work!” Oddly shaped, the minister of science laid beneath a desk on his side. Reaching up his finger prodded in the dark until it flicked a peculiar little switch.

The glow of the saber illuminated odd thick bubbles which sank from ceiling dispensers. Dense in both color and weight, their behavior was very strange. Bly’s squad began entering the room from behind Aayla. Kindi chuckled to himself, “Heh heh heh… This is a peculiar use ..for sanitation protocol. All the same!” Crawling, he made his way to a shelf that slid open very narrowly. When Rash became aware of his compatriot slipping through the wall with a crate of mixtures and data; he bolted to force his way through too. The two pressed to open and close the door on one another. “I’d get down.. if you want to make it out!! You can’t come in! This door.. is the trigger!” Rash was taken back by the sudden betrayal, but in reflection, if the situation was in revers, Rash’s action would have been the same, “You ARE a mad man!”

Gabrel Kindi clarified as the hidden panel slammed shut, “NO! Not a man--- a scientist!”

A bubble popped against Bly’s gloved hand. The chemical was oily and smeared with ease. He thought to himself, quickly analyzing its properties. This was a chemical used to fight contaminant hazards in critical facilities! “GET DOWN!!” his voice coarsened from the force of the air pressing through his throat. Aayla dropped to the floor as did Rash, who wedged himself under a work station. The Jedi’s instincts paid off when a miniscule ignitor triggered the bubbles, encapsulating fuel, which by then filled the air.

“Down Snapper!!! NOW!” The trooper being yelled at had unwittingly strode into the trap, “Ohh Skrag__”

Quicker than any clone could react, the spark burst the nearest bubble! Each acted as a catalyst creating a chain reaction that spread quicker than a breath. Anything higher than 1 meter off the ground was instantly enveloped in raging fire! Flames quickly developed a life of their own; spiraling, burning uncontrollably, and consuming air faster than it was available.

Bly looked up. His armor laid flat against the floor. Flames thickened! Aayla surveyed the situation; her cough worsened. Eerily, the rapture of flame above continued its cleanse without a sound. Every surface touched by oil burned hotter and hotter until the material seared on a molecular level. A mysterious toxin dripped heavily from the silent belches of fire. Her commander’s visor starred directly at her, reflecting the orange lambent above. “General, crawl your way to the hall! Our scrubbers will gives us a few extra moments time!”

The crisp, white dress she wore darkened with grimy sludge every movement. She crawled with the armored squad following quickly behind, their armor collecting much. Grazing her elbow, Aayla’s face turned in the direction of an outstretched hand, fingers spread far apart! Briefly the struggle continued until the hand relaxed, collapsing to the floor! It belonged to that of clone trooper, Snapper. His armor blackened from mid-thigh up. Snapper’s body glove, though fire resistant, stood no chance against the catalyst continuing to bubble against the festering skin. Even the charred armor was noticeably deformed from exposure to such great temperatures; its edges curled and boiled in a shroud of raven smoke. Each trooper paused for a brief, silent salute. In war, that was the most that could be given without risking oneself.

“Almost there..” Aayla’s lekku laid close to her body, the wavering light of the hall guided her. Heat vented through the door, dispersing to manageable levels. She observed the surroundings after clearing the door, “Oh no..” her voice sank. Bly and his troopers continued crawling from the inferno, their armor  singed. “What’s wrong General?…Oh..” The clone commander had regained his footing beside his general and was now looking down at a series of blast shots which held Aayla’s gaze.

Declan Bonteri lay propped against the warm stone wall. Four small rings continued their amber blaze through his shined ceremonial armor. His eyes rolled to the side before opening. “What betrayal.. is this..?” Bonteri coughed before attempting to breathe deeply. His voice, now weak and raspy, tried with futility to overcome the soft gurgle that made its way up his throat. A small trail of blood seeped from the man’s lips, staining his beard. Struggling up the wall, Bly moved toward him to provide first aid. To their shock, he back in revulsion, uncertain of any previous allegiance! “..treach..ery!...” Bonteri whispered. His body slid down the wall. Finally resting against the rock floor, the group saw the extent of the man’s mortal wounds which bellowed smoke from his back.

“Leave him for now Commander Bly. We can only make matters worse for him.” In an ironic turn, Aayla’s senses became tormented through the force for the separatist’s confusion and angst.

“We need to catch Gabrel Kindi before he makes it off world! Bly, your communicator.” Her blue hand held the sides of Bly’s communication device.

Bo-Weep Weep!                Bo- Weep Weep!

“Yes Jedi Secura?” The Jedi master’s voice calm and collected as expected.

Aayla and her troopers already began running back to their Arquiten cruiser, “We have a tumultuous situation unfolding Master! There are chemical weapon elements escaping the palace to an unknown bunker. We can’t allow Kindi to escape with them! He is in league with Dooku”

A’ Sharad Hett’s pilot leaned over from his perch in the cockpit, “General Hett, we have a set of ships powering up on the scanner! Speeder Class sir!”

Clones of the 327th within the gunship raised to their feet abruptly. “Finally!” many thought upon seeing their commander’s raised fingers swirl in a circular mount-up gesture. “Looks like we’ve got your ships Secura. Find your way back to the Regulator! I’ll pursue Kindi and undo this lab!”

“We’ll get back then rendezvous at the bunker!” Her voice raised over the sounds of their feet running down the hall; their previous steps retraced.

“Pilot: Detach and pursue!”

“Right away sir!” the co-pilot replied. The pair coordinated the docking brackets for release. Loud clatters shook the gunship with the clamps’ release. Heaving engines propelled the larty forward from between the prongs of the Arquiten cruiser, Regulator.

A trio of red blips pinged on the scanner. “We’re about to lock on ‘em sir!” In charge of weapon systems, the copilot utilized his aiming mechanisms diligently.

“NO! Not yet. Just keep them in your sights! Do not allow them to gain any awareness of us pilots.”

Nodding, the pilot acknowledged, “Will do sir! Won’t be too hard in this desert.”

“Cuh..uhg!” Sanjay Rash regained consciousness. Propping himself up, Rash coughed repeatedly. His lungs felt filled with smoke. After a quick gander at the surrounding wreck, he slithered from beneath the station and observed how fortuitous his luck had run. Though Rash survived, the precariousness of his situation was all too tangible! His boots lightly splashed in the muck coating the floor. By then the fire had diminished to sparse embers scattered across the room. A crisp line on the wall showed the drastic effects of the cleansing counter measure.

Rash reached for the sidearm previously used, but it lay melted beyond use above the counter. He wondered to himself; how could he make it out of this position as Count Dooku had jaunted? It seemed Rash’s dreams of the throne were dashed until he saw something. Terribly burned, a clone trooper lay sprawled across the floor. “Well..this could be useful” he murmured to himself.

His hands wrapped beneath the shoulder straps of the clone trooper’s chest armor. Rash tugged the corpse towards the door until his heel clicked against the doorways raised lip. Looking down the hall, he saw another squad of commando droids patrolling. Rash quickly turned the other direction, but dropped the clone out of sheer shock!


Rash’s fellow delegate from Onderron lay feint. His consciousness swayed in and out. Rash knelt beside Bonteri. Blaster wounds no longer glowed, but their piercing damage had been done. Bonteri’s gaze fell upon Rash who was unsure how to act due to the recent motion to place him under arrest. “Can I ease you friend?”   

Bonteri’s body grew more rigid and heavy. “The cause.. the cause is..fals.. Mina – my love..” The general struggled with every fiber of his being to convey the most important messages in his heart and mind. Tightly his fingertips clasped the silver, ceremonial armor plates adorning his shoulders. Unclasping them from his uniform, Bonteri held the family heirlooms to his slowly beating heart. “Lux.. fight ..on…son…..” His eyes glazed as though a tear were close to unraveling down his cheek, instead, his final breath gave way.

Sanjay Rash took in hand both metal shoulder plates then rose to his feet. “Droids! This way! Carry these two and follow me.” Cold machine digits reached down, lifting the two bodies from the heated rock. Their purposes remained unknown…

Engines of the LAAT roared at heights far enough above leaving the sands below undisturbed. Beneath the nose, many meters ahead, speeders kicked up easily spotted trails of sand that lingered in the crisp air. The evading culprit had no idea his trail was now tracked. Kindi’s path was direct across the dunes and rolling topography. Far ahead a large cloud grew from the ground up. Swirls of sand caught in another gale!

Ahead, dual stone edifices starkly jutted from the sea of sand. The speeders’ pace slowed the closer they came to the dark tanned spikes. Where most exposed rock was worn down by unrelenting tussles of wind and rock, these pillars remained jaggedly shaved.

Gabrel Kindi’s speeder approached his hidden chemical lair. A sly sneer bloomed across his eerie grey skin. Thoughts of his success made his smirks irresistible! Familiar secret walls grew more visible.

Suddenly, five automated defense turrets rose from the sand! Gabrel threw up his arm to protect his toxic case! “NOO!! I’m an ally!” The defenses opened fire in a frenzy of red, sporadic blasts. Beams fired over Kindi’s head towards the sky. “What? No! How could they ..have followed! FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!!! Keep them OUT!!”

Hett’s spoke when the first laser blasts speckled the gunship’s cockpit window, “Surprise is up gentlemen! Take aim and remove those turrets.”

Lieutenant Havoc’s voice shouted above the clatter of weapons being equipped, “Ready up troopers!” Fingers tightened then lifted the familiar pistols from his holsters. “This is what we get for waiting! Scrap em!!” Targeting computers beeped furiously making locks with marked targets on the ground.

“Missiles away!” Both pilots unfurled a hail of weapons from the gunship’s armament. Projectiles mounted beneath the wing launched with a screeching hiss! Their trails glowed a hollow blue; speeding ahead of the gunship toward the automatic turrets. Each explosive device met its target, shredding apart on impact. Without shielding, all defenses were dismantled in the coordinated flurry! Bursts of flame burped from below hurling droid shrapnel pluming into the sky. Smoke stretched away from flickering flames that emanated above the sand; winds pulling in waves.

“Droids!..Droids..Keep them out! Fight them off” Waving frantically, Kindi’s hand motioned his escort to turn and fight. From the bunker’s door marched a number of hulking super battle droids flanked by their lanky B1 predecessors.  

Kindi’s speeder skidded to a halt as close to the hatch as possible in order to avoid the unfurling bursts of shrapnel! Awkwardly shaped, one leg swung high above the back pads, helping the scientist to roll off the side. His gate, an obstinate hobble, demonstrated it had been quite a while since having to run. A’ Sharad Hett’s hand pressed into a panel beside the blast door triggering both to open simultaneously. Speeding air aided in each blast door’s great weight pulling into their open position. Instantly, light flooded the open bay holding the squad of Star Corps troopers.

“Attack them!!” hissed Kindi as he retreated behind a bulkhead. His eyes curled from the side of a nearby barrier. Morbid curiosity made him linger! Square and ungainly, the gunship approached! Green lasers beamed down from the chin guns furiously pelting the sand and any target standing between. Each impact tossed hardened chunks of crystalized sand reeling into the sky!

Nearing the ground, the snout of the gunship raised. Intently, troopers gripped the bar above their heads to maintain footing during the steep shift. Lieutenant Hazoc leaned over the edge of the gunship’s base board firing his pistol, “Now lads! Quick line it!! GO GO GO!! We’re on it General!”

“Let’s Hit em!”  Thick, black ropes dropped from the flanks of each bay door.

“EAT LASERR!!!” Clone troopers clad in white armor, speckled in blast scars and yellow paint, slid down the lines with ease! Their weapons cut loose blue lasers with every meter of their descent.

“On the right!! SMOKE EM!” Thudding to the ground, their pace paused only an instant before starting a forward sprinting assault! Each covered one another while hurrying towards the bunker entrance. One step at a time brought them closer to danger, but further from open ground; a much deadlier nemesis.

Rockets fired from an upgraded B-2 slammed into a stubby sandbank splashing a burst of shrapnel into the air, “I’m hit in shoul…UHG!” A clone trooper’s voice cut short by a series of hot, red lasers riddling his chest. Lifeless, he fell to his back.

“Stag is down – PUSH UP on the right! Tighten up! Hit em hard on the left, MOVE!” Hazoc dodged while dashing forward. His pistol rattled off a series of shots in quick succession. B1’s collapsed in response to each well aimed shot. Another trooper ran with a heavy weight in his step. His Z-5 rotary canon quickly felled the bulk of droids still standing between the troopers and their objective.

Kindi snickered at the apparent success! His eyes glimmered when the unsuspecting clone troopers verified each droid was not going to stand again. He had been looking forward to using a recent gift from Dooku.

The squad’s pathfinder led the way over tattered metallic corpses. Something remained satisfying about that scent; the scent of frying circuitry. His body twisted giving the “clear” signal to Hazoc before looking above to the gunship, “All clear sir!” Hazoc raised one arm to his side then motioned with two fingers. Each trooper moved; weapons alert. Returning his gaze to the gateway, the pathfinder noticed several glows in the dark of the hatch, “Sir, do you hear that hiss?”

Kindi slowly backed away from the hatch while two pairs of jetting B2-RP’s rocketed passed! Rapidly the quad flew through the door. Jets mounted on their backs screeched with propulsion output increasing their agility. Both arms extended launching a dense barrage of fire into the clones cutting down the pathfinder “Down!” “Sir there’s no cover!” “Not these agai – AHHHG!” …then two others.

Checking left and right, the pilot failed to acquire a firing vector of the incoming droids. “General, I can’t hit them! They’re right beneath us!” A laugh burst with giddy excitement from the causeway! Kindi had never seen combat and reveled in its carnage, but he had also never seen a Jedi Master…

The Clone Wars__ Oasis Calm Vol V Pt.1
If you want to know where this story came from...well it all started with this fun concept picture completed by a good friend and talented:…

From there, I wanted to give this scene a story.

Stay tuned for the conclusion in part 2!!!

Hope you enjoy all the references back to the Clone Wars series....both of em ;)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Oasis Calm -- Volume IV

“Suspicion is a poison. A small drop makes a deadly weapon of the freshest water; contaminating pure intent.”

The commotion within the great dining hall continued to rise when more commando droids stormed through doors and window slits in the wall. R4- G9 rolled hastily towards Aayla Secura, spinning clockwise around her. The disguised Jedi Knight took the Grand Chairman by the arm due to her protective instinct, preparing to rush him to a place of greater safety. Her eyes peered around the room then locked on a squad of droids rapidly closing in at a full sprint. Their weapons drawn!

Commander Bly and his squad abandoned their position, guarding the main entrance, and bolted to their general. “Freeze! Release the Chairmen!” the lowly pitched droids ordered repeatedly, “Freeze!” Bly couldn’t make it passed the metal squad without escalating the situation; a risk he was not willing to make. “WHOA WHOA WHOA!!” he shouted, the other clones prepped to dismember the clankers if need be, but their commanding officer’s extended hand motioned them to hold.

Aged, but regaining some semblance of his composure, Grand Chairman Utak, reassured the callous, metal faces at his command, “No no no! Put those guns away!” The sight of his closest security advisor expiring in such horrifying display, wrenched his very core. “I don’t Who…why?” the old male’s eyes grew glassy. Aayla turned toward him to aid in his balance. Upon holding him, she felt his frailty through the aged robes; the trembling. The sight of him drew a haunting sadness from within. Utak’s age amplified grossly by the recent moments of pronounced angst.

Onderon General, Declan Bonteri, had assumed the role of security by this time. Squad after squad of droids received orders in quick succession. Each guest was quickly ushered to their prospective quarters for safe keeping. His voice was constant, woven into the disorder as the evening’s company dispersed. Swiftly, Bonteri left his fellow Onderon comrade, Sanjay Rash, under the supervision of Science Minister Gabrel Kindi.

With ease Bonteri located the Republic visitors. He was not surprised to see them closest to the Grand Chairman during such a scattered moment. Running to his side, the salty haired general of Onderon sighed at the sight of his best commando droids encircling the revered leader. “Make way!” The order given not only to the droids, but clone troopers simultaneously. Good thing Bly wore a helmet, for his brow’s crinkled with amplified consternation. Clones and droids promptly parted ways for the military attaché. His body firmly stepped between the white clothed, blue skinned diplomat whose hands wrapped the right arm of Grand Chairman Utak. Secura stepped back. Distrust clearly evident from Bonteri’s posturing.

The man’s stature made a momentary transformation from soldier, to what is best described as that of a nurturing son. Wrapped one arm around Utak’s back, his other arm affectionately assured his mentor, “I will sort this out. Justice will be dealt.” Looking over his shoulder, Declan Bonteri’s eyes met Aayla’s with stern intensity. He was leery and protective, but the Jedi did not sense resentment among his emotions. Declan used the sleeve of his uniform to wipe his eye when guiding the chairmen to a squad of droids. Among them was a T- series tactical droid. The metal was covered in paint reflective of the sand environment of the system.

“TJ- 122, take your squad and escort the Grand Chairmen to the royal chambers. Keep him secure.”

White droid eyes looked toward Bonteri, “Roger. And what of the republ..”

“Leave them under my supervision.” With a short snap, his fingers called the attention of a droid which had been carrying out dinner service moments prior. “Guide the chairman and keep him at ease.” Droids in the royal service had been programmed to deal with the ruler’s growing fragility. Their programming was far more conducive than the callous nature of any battle droid. Slowly the ruler blinked with drawn out and deep sighs. “You’re friendship is dearly appreciated Declan. This evening…this evening has gone woefully awry. Find justice for them!” Utak’s temper flared, but wavered quickly when his strength dissipated.

Lowly the command droid spoke, “Come sir.”

“Ah yes yes.. off we go. Thank you Dec.”

Declan Bonteri simply replied with a slight bow of his head, “Of course.” When his head raised again, his blue eyes locked with a violet pair who watched the exchanges unfold from a distance. Unrelentingly analytical, the Separatist Councilor Atell’s stare was severe. Bonteri paused to prompt a nod. Everyone had something to gain and much to lose during the war. Seldom could any person afford to be perceived as an ally of the Republic, but handling the blue skinned representative himself was the most efficient way to begin solving this crime against the separatist cause! Atell’s green face faded from the light when she turned from the room with her droid escort.

Deeply exhaling, Bonteri’s finger tips squeezed the rigid top of his nose, between his eyes. He motioned Secura to approach. “Let’s walk Madame Secura.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” she replied, beckoning to her droid to follow closely.

“…To say the least” spoke a clone trooper from the 327th. His voice not loud enough to alert the diplomats, but not quite enough to avoid his shoulder being smacked by a comrade. Bly turned to face the direction of the comment. The commander seldom needed to move his head in order to display emotion through his view plate. One by one they fell in behind Bly, mirrored again by commando droids, this time with blasters.


(Voice scarcely echo down the hall, murmuring in the dark. They approach a locked suite door. A light flickers.)

“Well that was an eventful state function for certain! It’s not every day you see people dropping like mynocks for such delicious food.”

“Yes…yes!! That delivery system was.. effective to say.. to say the least. More so.. than the model predicted!”

“He should be pleased no doubt. Now I can be given the position that was promised for my part!”

“Of course! My work is.. close to so many.. MORE breakthroughs! Up up up here is where I stay. Best place.. for reception. Never directly.. never! Too easy to trace.”
“Well I’m sure our worth is well noted.”

“After, after you, future king.” *snickering

“Ha, yes! Onderon will shortly have what it has required for years. Fresh and decisive blood! Not some old pacifist.. I won’t remain on the fence any longer!”

“Heh heh ha ha! Soon!”

“Sirs, he is expecting you. A communique sent from Serenno is being rerouted from “The Cavern”.”

“Well, patch it through!”

“Yes.. yes droid, then put it through! We must not.. keep him waiting.. long.”

A dimly lit Aayla Secura walked in tandem with Declan Bonteri. The echoing of footsteps ricocheted off the hard surfaces and stalactites far above. Bonteri had silently brooded since leaving the dining room. His silence deep in concentration. A light at the end of the tunnel grew. An entrance to the hall from outside led to a large railed balcony. Every surface of the woven rails were etched with finely crafted carvings. Aayla’s shoulders bent to examine closer. She was curious as to how the sand had not worn away the detail to a smooth, marbled finish. Often that was the case on Ryloth.

Bonteri noticed her interest. “Even when the shield is down, the hall never fills with sand. This was always my favorite balcony during our leadership retreats. Barren sand, waiting to be swept up in a gale, as far as you can see. Peculiar isn’t it?”
Aayla looked back at him, “Even in that sand storm earlier?”

A slight chuckle emanated from his slight grin, “Oh.. You had to fly through that too? I haven’t seen Sanjay Rash frightened to that degree! Most don’t choose to fly through em. Too many have crashed with clogged vent reliefs.” His eyes directly peered into hers as if he saw through her disguised vale. “The fact you did, means that you not only had an incredibly trained crew aboard, but there is a tremendously important motive for pushing on.”

“We’re here to assure relations..” Bonteri raised his palm in a non-threatening motion to pause. It barely moved back and forth, signaling his desire for her to drop the act. “Droids – You are dismissed. Leave us and position yourselves outside.”

“Roger roger!” Metallic pads clanked and clattered against the floor, dissipating with increasing distance.

Commander Bly nodded towards his commander, then signaled his troops to take a short walk away from the balcony providing additional space for the pair’s private discussion. Bonteri’s eyes shifted from the clone trooper’s backs to the defined woman before him. “Let’s not play more cryptic games. You are involved with the Republic far more than you put on, but I’m still not sure to what capacity. Madam Secura, your security entourage is that of the Star Corps and that sends much boulder a message than figurehead Senate guards.”

Aayla replied in her typical confident, matter of fact tone, “The guard is tied thin with an array of duties due to the war effort. Clone battalions stand as their proxy.”
A slight nod of agreement followed, but not one of concession. Bonteri’s scrutiny flared without warning, “The Senate is not so brazen with intent. Your gunships, though hidden, didn’t elude me. You came heavily prepared for an “incident”. An assassination with clone troopers in the room…that’s too foolish for an official of your guile. Surprise isn’t a response easily fabricated; so spare us both the continuation of this facade!
Why are you here?!?”

Aayla’s brow tightened with her presence so close to exposure. A very uncomfortable place to be. “I…” She paused. In a classic play of words, the Jedi wove truth while continuing her disguise as an off the board representative. With a breath she began again, “..I received a message from the Grand Chairman himself. The message was coded within a diplomatic packet. His concern heavy due to the recent battles waged on the planet. After the republic vacated, Utak became aware of secret communications that hinted the presence of a secret lab. The purpose continued to elude him. We came to investigate.”

“You mean secure... decommission… neutralize…What you mean is that you’re here to destroy a separatist military asset..”

“Utak hinted that it may be far more devastating than a target. If it’s a lab..” Bonteri swiftly interrupted, “If it’s a lab than its destruction makes this more volatile. If it explodes, who knows what will be unleashed across this system!”

“Then help us be more careful! Secret weapons affect not just soldiers, but the people we fight to protect.”

“Is that not the purpose of war? At the most basic level, war is an implement of politics. Striking the heart of that body is only a tactic.”

Secura’s head shook slowly from side to side. Her hand rose to the corner of her eyebrow. “That tactic nearly killed you mentor and the monarch of this system. Does that help clarify how these Separatists value life? The galaxy no longer stands as it did, but it is times like these that save lives and ensure that the values we hold dear survive this horrific onslaught. Where will you stand? What would Utak’s teachings tell your son Lux?”

Declan Bonteri turned his back to Aayla. One arm remained on his hip. He turned part way around before leaning against the smooth stone railing. Bonteri’s heart and mind staunchly contradicted one another. Lux was becoming an ardent separatist and patriot, but Declan remained haunted by the thought of the post war world. Would laboratory weapons ever be seen as true victory?

Sounds of wind whirled across the walls and floor. Sand ground against floor. Bonteri’s voice was soft and disheveled, “I can’t help you. It would be treason.. My lack of aid doesn’t mean there will be obstructions. Quite the contrary.”

“Was there anyone present at dinner whose behavior was out of the ordinary? You’ve dined with them for years.”

His eyes closed. Memories flashed within his mind’s eye. Persons, events, drinks, food, screams, muscles wrenching…drinks… “..the drinks.” “Something about the drinks about the wine?” Aayla Secura’s eyes widened with the new piece of evidence. “It was the wine that killed?” Their eyes met again. His hand pulled up as if a glass was held between his fingertips. “Sanjay.. When the dead were dying he continued drinking without a care. Normally he’s deep in his glass, but there was no.. There wasn’t any wine in his glass..” Blood boiled under the skin of Declan’s cool calm. “He wouldn’t.. but why?” Motivation bounced without reason.

“Then he’s in league with Gabrel Kindi?” Aayla asked rapidly, her enthusiasm reinvigorated. “They left together without an escort.”

“Why would you allow that?!” Material of her dress swirled away from the floor. Her body spiraled violently when their deductions drew a clearer picture. The culprits behavior gave way to their insidious crime.

“Perspectives.. Your suspicion is naturally far different from my own madam “Republic” representative. Lenses reveal different sights, unfortunately.. I’ve been deceived from within...You’d have done the same in my position.”

Silence prevailed. Crackling, rocks crinkled awkwardly under Commander Bly’s battle-worn boots. “Madam, is everything alright?” A penetrating glare from the clone trooper’s eyes met Declan’s. Dismissively, Declan Bonteri smirked. “There’s no qualm here trooper. Although.. Now that I think about it, we may have to pay a visit to Rash and his new compatriot. This could be treacherous for your position Representative Secura.”

“If we don’t act now, this could be treacherous for all of us.”

Sternly the general of Onderron nodded. After a brief thought of his wife and son, Mina and Lux, his war trained focus returned.

Bly and Secura’s eyes met. Finally things were going in their favor. Secura viewed Bonteri’s hand reach down towards the holster on his hip, “Assemble your troops and follow me.” He quickly walked passed them towards the door and the commando droids that waited on the other side. The general’s fingertips rested on the clasp of his holster.

Renewed vigor flowed beneath the disguised Jedi’s steps while she followed suit. She rapidly inserted herself between the droids and officer, who by now had begun to jog. Slyly, the hand at her side raised to the side, flicking forward. Bly noted her subtle signal.

The jog was a pace the clone troopers were used to during their training sprints. Not a sweat was broken. Bly’s helmet angled to the side watching R4- G9 speeding next to him, “Stay close to Secura Gee Nine.. I mean damn close.” In quick succession the droids dome blinked with a high pipping tone of acknowledgement, “Be-do Be-do!” Its little wheels accelerated against the floor until it’s proximity was within Aayla’s shadow.

Commander Bly raised his comlink. His right hand pressed a button and held until it switched blue. With an internal comm channel activated, Bly’s calm, panting voice reached his men’s ears. “Pick your droid men and stay close. Then wait for the General’s signal.”

“And what signal might that be Commander? She gives a lot of elusive signals.”

“Just a hint, it glows blue! ..and I’m not talking about her skin.”

“You said it boss, not m..”

“– Stow it trooper!” Bly barked severely!

Each trooper’s tempo gained to close the gap with their robotic counterparts. Their boots set a rhythm matching the clankers. All sounded as one.

Down the long hall they sprinted! Criss-crossing corridors and down vaulted stairs the diverse team followed Bonteri without a word. Halls remained empty from the lock down procedures. Only the unbatting white glow of commando droids’ visual sensors watched them pass.

Bonteri looked above the doors he passed then looked behind him to Aayla, “We’re close!”


“Good evening Gentlemen…I trust things go well on Aarognar.”

“Ev.. everything is going better.. than expected!”

“It has been a very hectic night. In synopsis, dinner was certainly a spectacle.”

“That’s an.. understatement! Count.. the compounds Sanjay Rash.. has continued bringing from Onderron have been.. necessary in amplifying the.. compound’s effective use. My labs.. are amplifying the lethality. I’ve been working.. on a new delivery system!”

“Ahh. Very good to hear. You and your cousin have been paid for your biological knowledge and talent. That lab was money well spent!”

“And what of my payment? It’s time Onderron takes its place ‘neath the Separatist fold! I need troops to complete my ascension. For all I’ve done! Then we can field more of the resources the cause needs.”

“I always keep my word Rash. You’d be wise to speak to those who make demands of me then study what they learned from their experience… good luck finding them. The task was done well and you have proven your intent. Avoiding detection as well?”

“In that regard our luck has been fortuitous! We had a very special guest.”

“Hmm. This sounds promising.”

“Yes yes yes! A very.. very pretty one at that!”

“Which is of no concern to me. So who is this guest that has unwittingly turned into our scapegoat?”

“No less than a Republic representative from their senate.”

“You did not think to provide this information when it was pertinent?”

The group slowed when Bonteri stopped running abruptly! His hand rested on the top of his leather holster. “Open the door commando.” Sternly the voice registered in the commando’s recognition software. “Roger roger.”

“Any break… may have aroused suspicion Count Dooku, but we have everything under.. control.”

“Yes Count. Many of the dead include Utak’s Intelligence agents. His investigative wing is riddled with corruption, incompetence, and vigor for our cause. It won’t take much for them to go after the republic dog and her tube bread rats!”

“You’re referring to clone troopers?”

The key pad clicked away while the commando droid hacked the security system. Air in the hall was laden with tension. Troopers looked to one another, stealthily positioning themselves to the closest droid.

“Yes. Golden markings on their armor.”

“Yes Count Dooku! She herself.. a brilliant blue Twi’ lek. I believe her name.. her name was Secura.”

The data pad blipped green with a successful hack.

“…Aayla Secura?”

“Yes! That’s the one!”

The door slid open abruptly! Bonteri and Secura stood in the light of the door way; the room was black except for the light blue glow of a large, proud standing hologram.

“You fools!! She’s a..”

Aayla Secura’s eyes burst wide apart with surprise. Two figures swiveled abruptly in their chairs still cast in dark shadows! Instantly, she identified the hologram! “Dooku!”

The Clone Wars: Oasis Calm Vol. IV
Been a while, but here we go!

Typical Clone Wars cat and mouse with some rare work between Seppies and Republic troops.

Here's a fun link for those who enjoy watching and Imperial Officer be created!…

He's from my fan fiction- be sure to check out COGS:…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Oasis Calm Volume III continued ---- Part 2.

Commander Bly observed the pair while he followed them as a shadow. Each leaned in closely to whisper delicate words, even share several laughs. Looking closer, he saw the Chairman’s robes were not as glamorous as the temple’s initial grandeur. It seemed the prime reached its zenith decades prior; a time before sand, wind, war, and strife had taken its toll.

The growing harem stretched down the hall following the King and his blue female guest of honor. They turned a smooth corner into a large circular chamber with an equally vast round table made of prohibited Kashyyk timbers, taken before the system was declared Republic domain. “Your “summer estate” is quite luxurious your majesty.” His lordship’s eyes blinked slowly, being proud of Aayla Secura's compliment. “Isn’t it? Since I was a small boy, it’s always seemed so incredible. This was one of the original palaces of my people. How far we have come; how far, we too, have stumbled. That is why I invited you.” His court dispersed into the room, breaking into pods of conversations. Droids of a variety rapidly interspersed within the vast dining room; armed with trays of exotic h’orderves and flamboyant drinks.

The royal continued the conversation near the ear of the Republic delegate, “We are a sovereign system in league with the Confederation, but invisible strings are being pulled from off world. My agents are picking up scans from crypts abandoned long, long ago.”

A very tall, thin female approached the conversing duo. She chimed in as if she had been listening from the start of their dialogue, “The most disturbing facts involve communications from Serenno. We have no business connections or cause to be reaching that far. I’ve been investigating this as a possible lead.” Chuckling, Utak looked to Secura before taking the other females thin arm, holding both of them close. “Do excuse Clonna Sin Richodd. Her prowess is impressive, but she insists on demonstrating how effective a Minister of Intelligence she is prior to being introduced.” Secura gave a slight upturned nod, maintaining her false sense of arrogance, “A sound style. Some may find that troubling.” Clonna’s prideful grimace glowed, “Only those who don’t want light being flashed on their dark tasks! Ha, but I’m sure YOU have nothing to worry about.. being from the Republic.”

Nearby a chubby Faust male, crisply dressed, halted a nearby conversation. Standing about 2 heads shorter than Clonna, he turned from his entourage. With large eyes encased in large dark circles, they scanned. His grey skin exquisitely fair, and clothing finely trimmed. The male turned gazing toward the tips of Secura’s lekku, following them up her back toward her strong shoulders. The movement of his head more noticeable due to his elongated neck. When he spoke, his voice wasn’t unpleasant, but his breathing consisted of quick, sporadic inhalations which often interrupted his sentences - causing them to have an abrupt edge, “Excuse me.. your excellency..I have not yet.. the pleasure.. to make the acquaintance.. of your.. guest. I am Science.. Minister Gabrel Kindi.”

Lowering his torso, Gabrel Kindi’s hand quickly grabbed at Secura’s, then raised it to his chapped lips. “Rare.. it is to have such a starlit.. specimen visiting our court.” Secura felt her muscles tighten with distain, but did her utmost to mask her discomfort. The Jedi’s disgust was hidden too well as he continued tracing the crust of his lip up the back of her hand towards her wrist. He spoke simultaneously wetting his lips, “I am truly captiva..”


A chime sounded summoning all to their seats. Aayla sighed with relief, but noticed the king’s eyes looking apologetically in her direction. The Faust stood up, releasing her blue fingertips, “Ooohh..Delicious! What a feast.. we shall have! You are.. in for a treat.. to die for!”

Guests made their way around the table finding their proper places. The king graciously guided Aayla to a chair nearest his. Purposefully, Utak had assigned the most pugnacious separatists' seats intermittently around the table. This was not a time for plotting…at least not for them. Each chair remained vacant; the guests standing behind, waiting for Utak to take his place. Before doing so, he looked around the expansive table. Two seats were void of their occupants. Chairman Utak began an inquiry, “Where are the representatives of Onderon?” Quickly Clonna Sims, who stood to the high chairman’s right, leaned toward him with an answer, “Their shuttle arrived shortly ago. We were just notified Senator Bonteri was recalled for a parliamentary vote. Her husband will instead be accompanied by an advisor of King Demdup, Sanjay Rash.”

High Chairman Utak made a thankful gesture for the update, but his disappointment was palpable. He motioned to his court then took his seat, “What a shame. I always enjoy seeing Mina. Do reschedule another visit with her office after we dine Clonna.” Taking her seat, Clonna acknowledged, “Of course your excellency.”

Now the dining droids were sent about with new purpose. Hustling and bustling effortlessly bringing dishes and beverages to various guests. Clonna popped a bottle of rare Zygerrian wine, her personal favorite. The chartreuse liquid swirled; bubbling within her class. Lifting it, she slowly smelled the sweet aroma. Others spiraled their glasses, each with a different color and equally exotic flavor.

The sound of large doors heaving open sounded the arrival of the two absent guests. They paced quickly passed the squad of troopers and droids standing silently, tense at the entrance. Both men were well quaffed wearing dress uniforms indicating their status within Onderon’s command structure.

“My apologies my liege! The war has the most abhorred tendency to wreak havoc upon even the tightest schedules.” The first man's words were trite and arrogant, qualities Utak seldom sought to include in his own court. These words not only described his voice however, they summarized his entire existence. Standing taller than his station, his beard and hair were dark, raven black and trimmed flawlessly. Every ornament and customization afforded to this man had been taken.

The herald of Utak’s court spoke aloud, “Entering the Grand Chairmen’s presence: Chamber Counselor to King Demdup, Sanjay Rash! Following: General Declan Bonteri of Onderan Military High Command.”

“Ahh..welcome gentlemen! I’m sure you are weary from travelling such a distance.” The Chairmen was as pleased to see Declan Bonteri as he was annoyed by Demdup’s opening remarks.

Declan was a tall, proud, but humble man who stayed true to his purpose. The armor and uniform worn were the epitome of Onderon’s military dress code. His shoulders were adorned with silver armor plates, covered in beautiful etched details. Bonteri’s uniform bore the colors of his family’s heritage. To Utak, the greys and blues always reminded him of the Bonteri family. A big smile contagiously spread across both men’s faces the closer the general came.

Declan knelt to the kings side, “It is a privilege to be here again in such times. Mina sends her deepest apologies and love.” Leaning back in his chair, Utak beckoned the officer to his feet, “We are very fortunate! Ha ha, awe, pay no mind to it. I know Mina would be here in a flash if she could. And how is Lux?!” With the mention of his son’s name Declan’s presence noticeably lightened! “He misses your mentoring, but has grown so much! You’d be proud.. he has higher marks than any classmate when it comes to rhetoric.”

The king laughed, a sound the war seemed to have stripped away for the longest time. “Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s a good boy! ..or man, I should say!” cheeks grew rosier with each growing laugh “..ha, Declan, I want you to meet a very special guest. The shining Aayla Secura of Ryloth!” Declan Bonterri shifted the weight on his feet to turn towards the beautiful Twi’lek. Extending his hand, a polite, but noticeable degree of skepticism did not elude the Jedi. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s been a long time, it seems, since last I’ve dined with a sympathizer of the Republic.”

“Always so civil yet pointed!” Utak lightly joked.

Aayla playfully, yet with equal force replied, “Until now, I never really knew one could dine with a separatist.. unless you had a battery pack.”

“Ha ha ha!! I see your point Madame Secura. Utak always has had a knack for selecting “enlightening” company. Trust this occasion will be no different.” Declan Bonteri made his way towards his seat.

Sanjay Rash by now had reached his chair and grew flustered the attention was no longer focused on his arrival. “Always a heartfelt welcome! A toast: To a dinn ---” The Grand Chairman’s glass rose, silencing Rash mid toast; it being impolite to toast prior to him at any meal. Utak picked up where Rash was stunted, “To a dinner worth remembering, friends worth keeping, and memories that remind us of good times. May this, join those!” Glasses clinked and laughs grew around the table. The room became filled with dozens of different conversations, droning into a light murmur.

Standing guard, Bly and his men stood silently. Still their eyes darted about the room observing every little shift. Having run so many missions together, without a word, they already knew a plan to decommission the commando droids if need be. Bly leaned over to one his men, “I can only imagine how clean those guns are back in the gunships.” He was very right --- While the evening drew on, the troopers within the gunships of the Regulator had cleaned their gear several times. Many didn’t want to risk the fog that accompanies waking up from a little shut eye in case something happened. Troopers stayed quiet for the most part; sitting in the cool red light of the larty bays. Hett continued his meditation.

----------- Some Time Later -----------

The state dinner had gone through several courses prior to the main event. As the premiere dish was distributed, the counselor from Onderon, Rash, sat steeped in malcontent. His eyes and outlook seemed normal to all around him, but Aayla could feel his displeasure with her presence. At a quiet moment, Rash chose to begin a verbal joust, “So what brings a Republic warmonger to the Confederation’s doorstep?”

Instantly the court was silenced! Mixed reactions visible, but all were intrigued for the response soon to follow. Atell’s violet eyes swiftly turned to Aayla’s face while she leaned back in her chair; fingertips pressed against her pursed lips. Eagerly, she prepared to listen.

Aayla looked directly towards Rash. She could feel her lekku tensing. “Families and their connections transcend the fronts of war, do they not? Clan Secura may be from a Republic planet, but we seek to nurture systems of past beneficial relationships. Atell, I’m sure you agree due to your position.” Atell’s pale green face wrenched when she was abruptly dragged into supporting the guest, “In part, but if this is the case, why bring their soldiers? You bringing them implies you bear a Republic agenda! Do you intend to undermine Aargonar’s place among the independent systems?”

Aayla swept her hand across the table in opposition “These soldiers were offered to me by the senate for protection against potential schemes. I came to see what fiscal connections may spawn here. As an optimist, I choose to see good in others even if the Senate disagrees. If my presence alone undermines some cause…perhaps THAT cause is the more fragile one.” Both Atell and Rash scoffed at the notion while others hosted a mix of reactions.

Declan Bonteri’s face remained pragmatically deep in thought. During the lull, he chose to speak, “The war is not simply black or white. There are unseen puppet masters and collaborating vipers behind every shadow. That’s to be expected with expansive governments, even corporations, but the difference is: we tried being a part of your republican government. Taxation, judicial action, coalitions: everything is stagnant or bogged down with deep-rooted corruption.” Around the table, most voices erupted into arguements. Before Geonosis, the debate would have been mostly divided, but here, everyone’s minds were already swayed. They argued about ramping up the war, ways to increase war dividends, or what terms were acceptable for a ceasefire. The room erupted!

Aayla sat mostly silent beside High Chairman Utak. His face heavy from the evening transforming into an unavoidable confrontation. He leaned over raising his finger tips to screen the dialogue between he and Secura. “Even when united, we are divided. I wonder if ever there will come an end. The galaxy is stretched tightly to the brink.” The volume raised far further beyond normal order. Clonna stood from her seat, irritated with the lack of reverence for the prestigious hall.

“Silence!!” she shouted to no avail.

“STRIKE YOUR WORDS!!!” her voice echoed off the walls. “Regain your..YOUR…reg..I….I don’t..”

Suddenly her body straightened! Veins bulged from every inch of exposed skin! Dark ridges protruded in tremendous daftly contrast!

“AHHH!!” her sharp shriek fleeting. Not a moment later her harshly erect body slammed against the table, splashing what remained of her wine and clattering plates. The room fell still in shock aside from gasps. Within moments a handful of others endured the same fate, screaming in an agony they couldn’t control until silenced by death’s tight grip. Their bodies covered in dark exposed veins, outstretched and contorted across their seats. Initially several aids tried to help their figureheads. The slightest contact rendered them the same fate! Leaning in closely they checked the vitals of their representative. Immediately after contact with the ripples or perversely bold veins, the new victim began their own death, falling to the floor shortly after, writhing.

Chairs slid back quickly. Everyone was at their feet! A flurry of questions and accusations had already begun flying to and fro across the table. Atell shouted, "Commando droids, Secure the room!" as Bly and his men made their way to Aayla Secura. “Murder! This is murder!!” one voice shouted. Another inquired, “What plot is this?!” As if a battle had broken out, Declan Bonteri moved swiftly and addressed the captain marked commando battle droid, “Captain, quarantine the sick. I want to know what is causing this. Your eminence, due to your second falling, I request the ability to begin investigating immediately.”

 The high chairman raised his hand, quickly nodded, and spoke shakily, “ General. Do what you need to!” Clearly shaken and disturbed by unfolding events.

“Captain, why aren’t you quarantining them?!” The commando droid turned to Declan and spoke in a low, emotionless tone, “They are already dead sir.” True panic of the unknown set upon the crowd. “Escort everyone to their assigned quarters and post guards in each hall! I’ll escort our guest personally.”

“Roger roger.” Doing an about face, the droid disseminated the appropriate orders to his troops.

Commander Bly rushed to the side of his commander, “General, are you alright?!” Aayla sensed she was untouched by the invisible attack, but looked to her skin which didn’t normally exhibit her veins; the same remained true. “I’m fine commander.” The room’s commotion heightened while droids “escorted” each guest to their quarters under close observation. Declan Bonteri scanned the attendees and crime scene for any overt clues. He pulled his tight fitting glove off hurriedly to see if his hands displayed any signs of the virus or poison. “That’s what it has to be!” he thought to himself; seeing that his hand was clear of any abnormal coloration.

Several meters away a movement piqued his attention – Rash was raising a glass to his lips. Aayla watched Declan leap swiftly, hitting the glass with the back of his forearm armor. The drinking flute was instantly obliterated into dozens of small crystal shards. The liquid splashed away from Rash’s lips. “Are you mad?!” His eyes flared with concern. Rash snidely retorted, “It's only water my good friend..”

“Nearly 15 people just dropped.. DEAD! We have no concept what we’re dealing with here.” The overly extravagant advisor to King Demdup rolled his eyes, “If you insist General Bonteri. I will defer to your knowledge. After all, you are more experienced with matters relating to death.” Declan paused.

The clanking of a commando droid approached. “Sir, I am to escort you to your apartment.” A voice short of breath stepped in, that of the long necked minister of science, “With you permission.. I’ll escort Consular Rash to his rooms.” Within seconds, the droid scanned his voice and had identified him Science Minister Gabrel Kindi. As a superior, the droid didn’t need a further moment to clear his request, “Roger Roger.” His long neck curled as he unnecessarily thanked the droid who had already begun walking away. Declan looked Rash in the eyes, “Please be careful. Onderon needs us now.” He quickly turned his attention to the Republic guest who carried most of his suspicions.

Sanjay Rash’s brow torqued to his comrades back. Turning from his seat, his legs straightened to accompany the male Faust escort.

Hushly beneath his breath Rash muttered, “Onderon needs me…”

The Clone Wars: Oasis Calm Vol. III Pt. 2
Hope you enjoy!!

This has a couple fun guests from the animated Clone Wars series!! Note the iconic shoulder plates in the picture ;)

Looking forward to your feedback and hearing what you think of this cat and mouse!

This fun pic is a piece by Inspector97! Check out his other works at the link:  Thanks man!
Hey all!

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I created a new page on Facebook that has more content than here in terms of pictures at least. This link will provide a fun avenue to throw ideas and thoughts about the story or things you want to see!
Hey all,

Just a heads up I made it out of reconstructive surgery alright and am looking forward to getting you all some new stories.

I'm going to be wrapping up my Order 66 writings, but what era would you like next?

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