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Major Haide Valhallen - Character Profile by TheIrishRogue
Major Haide Valhallen - Character Profile
Full Name: Haide (Unk) Valhallen
Age During the Clone Wars: Mid 20's
Age During the Galactic Civil War

Major Haide Valhallen, better known as Vallen to his soldiers, is a graduate of the Corulag Military Academy. His high gpa, grasp of content, ability to inspire, and family lineage within the Republic Senate Guard brought him to Palpatine's attention when he was at a young age. His father often served as the aging senator's guardian. Haide aside his families duty to fulfill a greater calling, volunteering for the Republic military. His time at the academy was was spent studying strategy, leadership methods, and firing down the target range. His squad constantly won drill competitions held at the Academy. His command of both Navel and Army tactics made him an extremely capable officer. Some officers found him to be a challenge merely by reputation, but those who followed would do so through any mission. Haide's tactics often synced with Jedi methods which often made them great pairs. That cohesion often made regular officers jealous.

When in his early 20's, Palpatine attended Haide's graduation from the academy. Within a matter of months, galactic war broke out with the Confederation of Independent Systems. The new Chancellor promoted Haide to Major then had him transferred to his military advising staff. His roll in the initial stages of the war was to fight with the Clone Army, ensuring that the republic's investment was proper. Haide often fought a prejudice that was spreading among clone trooper that he was stationed in his position due to his aristocratic lineage. Sometime during the Clone War, the 501st and 212th were involved in a friendly fire incident on Umbara. By this point in the war he was in charge of psych evaluations and battle readiness reports across the GAR.

He fought with the 501st and many Jedi Generals including Hett, Sakiko, Kien, Kenobi, Skywalker, and many others. 

On a cool quiet night towards the end of the war...a chilling void took hold in his heart. Raising from his bed, Haide opened the slats to his window to find a familiar acropolis set ablaze. Its four white pillars glowing orange from the flames...He charged out of his room collecting his armor... (See Volume 6 of Knightfall) It will be published here early November!! :)

Suffice it to say, the Jedi were dear to Haide. His zeal for the GAR became contorted when he saw the sights of the Jedi temple, but he felt compelled to be a shining light within the military wheel of the Empire.

               --- Empire Era Profile will be separate --- (Coming SOON!)

During the Clone Wars---
- Jetpack
- Numerous pistol types (Only 1 at a time)
- Clone Rilfe
- Clone armor & kama (Adorned in blue and white and bears the crest of his family.)
- Armor often changed colors depending on the unit he was embedded, but after the battle of Umbara, he and the 501st struck an affinity having earned the respect of the legion - the only non-clone officer other than Anakin to lead them. This does not include Jedi which commanded arbitrary obedience. 

Imperial Era --- (Picture coming)
- DC-15s Commando Pistol
- DC-15
- E 11 Blaster
Officer Armor
Custom Trooper Helmet

This pic is done by the wonderful Kaelacroft:

Also see this piece by Rayn44 which shows the Senate Guard and Family Crest reference: <da:thumb id="390184270">
Lt Shik Ten Lokar -- Character Profile by TheIrishRogue
Lt Shik Ten Lokar -- Character Profile
Name: Shik Ten Lokar
Rank in GAR: Lieutenant
Age during Clone Wars: N/A
Species: TBD

Origin: Due to the destruction during the battle of Coruscant and ensuing chaos during the Jedi insurrection, many Republic personnel files were damaged in the process. 

Lokar was born on a core world, raised on Coruscant. As a victim of severe identity theft, her records and accounts were sealed and an investigation began. With constant crime on the lower levels of Coruscant, her case never received the attention it deserved. Near penniless she sought odd jobs here and there until she became an entertainer of sorts. Performing a variety of acrobatic stunts she joined one of the core's most well known talent agencies. Often times people in the crowd remarked on the focus of her times they could unnerve anyone who dared to gander too long. She journeyed to various planets putting on shows with her caste for clones and new recruits alike. 

It was in one of these shows she locked eyes with the equally sharp-eyed Major Haide Valhallen, a non-clone officer serving as an attache for Palpatine's military office. His role was to oversee the combat readiness of clone battalions during and after the harshest fighting scenarios. Their meeting was not cliche nor their fondness for one-another. Seldom were they able to see one another during Republic campaigns, but their love was an ember. In a turn of events, Lokar was performing when a separatist attack took place. It was Vallen's forces who broke the siege. Fighting together, Vallen recognized she was more than a capable force on the battlefield. It was at that point Vallen provided her a strategic command rank. She was in charge of media relations for the GAR and earned her way to the rank of Lieutenant. They fought together several times throughout the war.

At the close of the Clone War, Lokar was given the option to maintain her commission, but she would be required to submit to a hair dye, grow her hair out, and undergo surgery on her species pointed ears. After much debate and Vallen's support, she decided to resign her commission. She quickly found that she was blacklisted...unable to find employment. The new Empire had re-opened her case making her identity-less. She fell into an depression and rage that could not be quelled. The change...the rise of the Empire..fall of the Jedi was too cumbersome. Lokar refused to go back to entertaining and could not grasp how she had become so worthless to the universe. Vallen supported her relentlessly, but was ordered away time and time again.

The events surrounding her disappearance remain unknown. Vallen searched, but to no avail. Rumors circulated she left for the lower levels of the core planet. All questions were put to rest 6 months after the rise of the Empire when her body was found by a squad who was aware of her meaning to the Major. Before their report was made official 8 of the 9 squad members died in an intense gun battle with unknown assailants. Before the sergeant of the squad passed, he provided Vallen with hologram disc. The sergeant's last words follow, 

"Maj..r....I'm sorry. Lo...Lokar...fallen in the streets. A gun shot....uhrg.."
The hologram lasted only for a 2 second increment before deactivating. Vallen watched again and again picking up small details with each observation. In the end Lokar left their apartment on the verge of a mental collapse after Vallen's orders to deploy had come in. She new they coincided with threats she had made to the Imperial Identity Commission. In order to spare Vallen from any political clout, she left their apartment with enough money to purchase a black market pistol...then ended her life in the lower levels. 

It would not be until Vallen began packaging her belongings that he found her Commando Pistol from the Clone Wars. Their names beautifully inscribed in the silver plating in addition to similar markings that had adorned her eye. Within the case, lay a note...

"My Deary H,

  Keep your eyes to the sun.
  Do not lose yourself to the rising night.
  Protect the weak and never, ever give up! I will always love you.
  Fight on, be steadfast; for my hand will remain true and always by your side.

  I'm sorry for this..

  - Your Loki"

-- She is referring to her DC-15s Clone Commando pistol as her hand (she was a damn good shot with it!). Her note hails to several of Vallen's well known phrases of encouragement in addition to their pet names for eachother. 

Picture was made my Johnbecaro:
Initial design by Rayn44: <da:thumb id="373037604">
Senate Guards to the Rescue: Rayn44 by TheIrishRogue
Senate Guards to the Rescue: Rayn44
Captain Taggart arrives to retrieve the Jedi A' Sharad Hett and Sakiko: <da:thumb id="327079167">

This picture precedes: <da:thumb id="490598879">

This piece is done by Rayn44:

hmmm...does anyone see a resemblance?....oh the plot thickens!!

<da:thumb id="487655134">
Commission TheIrishRogue: Rayn44: Stand-Fast! by TheIrishRogue
Commission TheIrishRogue: Rayn44: Stand-Fast!
This is a great piece commissioned for an upcoming chapter in Changing Tides.

Our Jedi board their ship as Captain Rex and Major Valhallen (Vallen) fight on! Will reinforcements ever arrive? When the fight nears the brink...the troopers of the 501st have no chance but to Stand-fast!

Artist: She does incredible work!! Check out Rayn's gallery

Other female Jedi: The beautiful Sakiko -- an OC of Kaela Croft -- another very talented artist --
Hey all,

Just a heads up I made it out of reconstructive surgery alright and am looking forward to getting you all some new stories.

I'm going to be wrapping up my Order 66 writings, but what era would you like next?

Clone wars, imperial, rebel transition?

Throw me some thoughts!

Y'all stay well and may the force be with you!

- Blake


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